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2018 Instagram Growth Tactics

Hey Instagram marketers, in this piece I will dive into some 2018 Instagram growth tactics and some awesome methods to get your very own following that is in love with your Instagram.

  1. Niche Down

Having a specific niche is a great way to grow on Instagram. It’s a lot easier to grow when you’re niche specific, think “Thai food” instead of “food”. Once you get your niche lazer targeted, you can achieve a much more rabid following. This method will increase your engagement compared to more broad niche accounts.

  1. Engaging with your audience

I can’t stress this part enough, separating yourself from the other accounts by actually answering comments is huge. You are showing your human side which is key on social media. Just answering a question or saying a thank you will be remembered. Follow users who share your interests, like their pictures and be SOCIAL. If you use this tactic you will soon be somebody’s favorite account.

  1. Posting consistency

Posting often is huge, success on social media is all about attention. Whether you like them or not those who post often tend to take the spotlight. Use this to your advantage, and make sure you are posting at least 1-2 times per day. If you are a news or entertainment account which requires constant updates, you may want to post even more.

  1. Buffer accounts

A buffer account is a term I have made up myself right here on the spot, so bare with me. This buffer account is an account created to add social proof to the main account you’re trying to grow. Let me put this into simpler terms. If your main objective is to promote yourself (a basketball player), your buffer account should be a “best basketball highlights” account. This way you can share your own content (as well as a shout out in the caption) through the buffer account. This will get you super niche followers on a consistent basis. The best part of this method is often your buffer account will grow faster than your personal, giving you a long term asset.

  1. Shout outs

Many argue if paid shout outs work or not, let me put it simply. If done correctly vetted shout outs DO work. You are going to want a product or service to sell though, as shout out costs with no return on investment can become pricey. Make sure the images or videos you pay to get shared are of very high quality. You only have a couple seconds to convert their audience into your own. One last bit of advice on point #5 is that you want to make sure the account you are buying shout outs from has a legitimate following. There are a lot of sharks with fake followers trying to scam naive shout out buyers.

  1. Automation

Maybe a touchy subject for many, but let’s be real. Most of the people truly killing on Instagram are automating. This is because you can now automate so many details that there is very little difference between a bot and human. At the minimum, large Instagram accounts are at least using automation for step #4 “the buffer accounts”. Instead of 1 or 2 buffer accounts, they may be running hundreds, scaling the speed of growth up, resulting in more followers to their main account, at a faster pace than manual methods.


However even after telling you all of this, I would still recommend that you save step #6 for absolute last. After all, with steps 1-5 you will already have your hands full and be seeing PLENTY of growth. It also helps to be able to sleep easy at night knowing you aren’t breaking any TOS rules on Instagram. So what are you waiting for? Go put these 2018 Instagram growth tactics to the test, and I guarantee you will see results.

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