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Hey there everyone, today I’m going to talk about Social Media and Authority Sites. The connection between them and why the mix is important.

The funny thing is there are so many people out there who use social media for fun, and don’t even monetize the work they’re already putting in. The traffic just gets wasted…. let’s look at why.

Social Media and Authority Sites

When building social media accounts many people forget a crucial thing, how to profit from it! I know I’ve had this problem before, work really hard on something only to figure out it wasn’t very profitable.

Well why are some projects not profitable you ask? Well a couple things could be at work here…

You don’t have a website

I can’t believe how many times I hear people complaining about not making enough money online, yet they have no authority website. It’s crazy how much just 1 authority website with google analytics installed can tell you.

You can begin focusing on what works and cutting out the methods that are wasting your time, it’s a no brainer. Yet so many stay petrified at the concept of making a legit website.

It’s easy to do

You can literally just sign up with a host and then install WordPress to it. The job can literally be done in 10 minutes, but first let me give you some honest suggestions on some of my favorites. Also remember that by using any of my links to buy hosting or domains you will save HUGE, up to 65% off.


Host Gator (seriously awesome host, very cheap too)

Blue Host (probably my 2nd choice)

Not as great

Fat Cow Hosting

What Do I Do After Setting Up My Site?

After setting up a website and adding some niche content, it’s time to figure out how to monetize it. It’s not that hard , the most common way of doing it is through an ad network, they will usually pay you for clicks.

Some of the most simple ways are:

Depending on what kind of site you have, you might want to choose a different method.

So get out there and get started, use your social media to send traffic to your authority site.

Later on we’ll discuss some way cooler ways to send traffic to your site, but honestly for now you should totally be sending social media traffic to your authority website!

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(Learn  all about the follow for follow method here)